Pony ID - License

$8.00 - $38.00

A selection of evergrowing Pony Licenses. This is the "HORSE IDENTIFICATION SERIES"

PVC cards the same dimensions as Credit Cards/Most ID's, so they will fit in your wallet if you wish. The card backs are blank.

If you don't see your favourite pony, just send me a message here and we will get them done! Lyra, Lightning Dust, and Blossomforth were all requested. So doesn't matter who it is. we'll do it.

We are also open for custom ones involving your OC's. Be it Pony, Furry, whatever, and can change the template around to match whatever you desire.

RULES ABOUT CUSTOM ONES - Please read these before purchasing a custom ID

Please have a reference of your character and their cutie mark (if applicable) along with any specific information you want on the card,

We will save all files done this way, so if you wish to reorder them, you may at the standard rate of printing a card.

If you order a custom card we will hold your order until the artwork is finished.

Artwork will be done as soon as possible, usually within a week, we'll inform you if there are any delays.

Listed are some Sample OC's done already, While they all look great, I can not sell you them, that's up to the OC's owner. -however I did put one of my own OC's into the selection, Midnight Delight, if you'd' like)

Send your reference to us via email at [email protected]

or on twitter to https://twitter.com/Sky_RailRoad