Pony Cocktail Collection

$2.50 - $35.00

Poker-sized cards featuring custom pony-themed cocktails! All drinks are made using common liquors that any bar would have, and the instructions are easy to follow along for the budding home mixologist!

The cards are plastic and waterproof, so you don’t have to be afraid to share them with a bartender (or accidentally spill something on them)!

We offer four sets, suited to every taste – Gen IV, Gen V, Villains, and Royalty (or at least alicorns and the like).

Can’t decide which set you want? You can buy all four sets at a discount and we’ll throw in a free card booklet for you to store the cards in! The booklets are also available for sale individually. Each booklet snaps closed and has 18 double sided pages.

Note that the recipes in the photos are for sample purposes only, and we don’t recommend making them (though please tell us if you do). The recipes on the real card are much tastier!

As always, tip your bartender.

Rob is a stand alone card that we made by accident, It's a simple drinkable Bourbon drink with a typo!