V-Lution Loaf Pin

$10.00 - $15.00

About 35mm , hard enamel pins of stylized loafs

We're currently working on all 8 loafs, currently only have Normal, with water in production.

How it works is simple. I have a giant bag with all the particular species of loaf inside. The bag contains the pins you see over in the display, 1/4 of them are the special shiny variation. (I keep the ratio around there by adding more pins as needed) So you get a 1/4 chance of a shiny pin every time.

Now I understand that gacha style mechanics can be addicting, so there's a second option of "I want this specific pin" Be sure to tell me in the comment/notes what specific version you want.

Again, we currently only have Normal, Water, and Dark, up next will be Fairy Loaf

All art is by Dogi-Crimson