Furry Cocktail Set

$5.00 - $35.00

A shot for shot remake of our first cocktail set, only now with anthro entrapment.

24 custom made cocktails that are designed around simplicity and taste. Enough instructions and photos means even if you have no experience making drinks, you can still make these.

They also use common liquors that most bars (like at a hotel) would carry, so you should be able to order them when out and about.

Drawings of cocktails have been replaced with physical photos as well for clarity. Even spelling errors addressed. If you already have the v1 pony set...you already have all these ingredients.

Cards are printed on Water RESISTANT material, but we would suggest using card sleeves. A small booklet for holding the cards is included in the set.

Be sure to check out all the artists , they are listed on the card along with their characters :3 Look forward to set 2!

Display photos don't have the ingredients or recipes listed intentionally, don't worry the real ones are fully printed :#

Colourful horse set theme here