DimmerDaki - 3meters long

$135.00 - $165.00

3 meters of Dimmerdaki. His hat is ready, are you?

This is a joke at best, and no other versions of this daki exist. Only a SFW one you see here.

There are two options, Peach Skin and 2 Way Tricot, If you don't know daki material here's a quick rundown. .

Peach skin is a very common material for daki, Light weight, doesn't stretch out and much cheaper to make. If you've ever felt a daki, this was probably what it was made out of. (if you own one of my tiny daki keychains or wrist supports, those are peach skin)

2Way Tricot is a much heavier material. It's stretchy, cooler to the touch and softer as well. However it's much more expensive. If you own one of my Daki or regular Pillow Cases, this is the same material they are made of.

You'll need several pillows to fill it.

Sorry for the blurred image, It's to stop those art thieves from printing it.